Monday, October 24, 2011

Teeny Boppers

Well for my first regular post on this rambling blog of mine, I'm going to enlighten you on a terrifying subject that only so few will ever dare to mention, and when they do, it will be in dark alley ways in Mexico, under a full get the point.

Teeny Boppers.
You know you've seen them.
You know you KNOW one (or some).
And maybe, just maybe you ARE one.
(dun dun duuuun)

(These Teeny Boppers are going certifiably insane for the one and only: Justin Bieber)

I remember laughing to myself when I saw them:
"HA! Look at those ridiculous Children screaming their guts out for JUSTIN BIEBER of all people... disgusting. RIDICULOUS. INTOLERABLE.
("Oh that Roman... intolerable.")
I mean SERIOUSLY! Who would get THAT CRAZY, CRY even, over someone they've never met and PROBABLY! WILL NEVER! MEET! AGAIN!"
I thought this, as I sat comfortably with my VIP pass, watching Justin Bieber: Never Say Never directors cut edition in 3D. No biggie.

I should have knocked on wood because a few weeks ago, I ate my words right up. Yes. We can now officially mourn the loss of Maren's mind to the Teeny Bopper universe. There was only one thing, mind you, that could have brought me to that awful state.
Taylor Swift.

"Oh please. Taylor Swift? She's not even good LIVE! Bla bla bla."
Yeah. Don't say it. I know what you're thinking.
I usually find solitude listening to the classics of my childhood:
Michael Jackson
Simon and Garfunkle
Carol King
But Taylor Swift just gets to me, ya know? Right down deep. (Now I'm preaching.) But seriously. If you really want to find a song that applies to your life, just listen to a Taylor Swift song.
"OH my gosh. NONE of her songs apply to my life. I TOTALLY have never cried over a boy, because I'm TOTALLY above that, and Taylor Swift does NOT know what she's talking about. Bla bla bla."
Don't say it. You'll be a liar. Indulge in your Teeny Bopper heritage.

The moral of the story is... those ridiculous little girls who are literally CRYING and screaming "TAYLOR! JUST LOOK AT ME!" and you just want to slap them in the face... that was me at the Taylor Swift concert.
(Rated PG-13 Warning)
I peed my pants.
(That's not a big deal if you know me... I pee my pants on a frequent basis. My bladder's just not what it used to be, dag nabbit.)

This is my best friend Jayme Benson and I at the concert. She's a Teeny Bopper too! 

This is us, participating in the official Teeny Bopper hand signal used at EVERY
Teeny Bopper concert of the 21st century.

Taylor Swift's lucky numer is 13. Laugh all you want.

Well, all I can say is that my dreams came true. I saw Taylor Swift in concert.
(complete with ballerinas, acrobats, a wedding, fireworks, snow, glitter and a really attractive tap dancer)
For those of you who like Taylor Swift, or like songs that you relate to, or like LIFE in general, I highly recommend spending all your hard-earned money and going to her concert.
Just a thought.

Here we are in our home-made shirts. Don't we look like Teeny Boppers? That's Ellie in the middle. Teeny Bopper #3. Oh and Ellie is not only a Taylor Bopper, but also a Bieber Bopper.  
I'm proud to report that I am slowly recovering from my fallen state of screaming, crying, and peeing. I will say one thing though. Being a Teeny Bopper is kinda fun. So... "Put away your judgmental attitudes and develop an attitude of.. being 17." (That was my inspirational speech for the day)
Long live T. Swift.
If you want to be happy, be.
Love, May May

Hi, I'm Maren and I like to talk.

Hi. I'm a stalker. 

So.. if you're still reading....

I'm just trying to say that there are a lot of really nifty blogs that people write (and I read on a daily basis, hence the word stalker). Some meant to inspire, entertain or make you realize how lazy you are compared to all those "do it yourself" fanatics out there... (hey I like The Dollar Tree, but if you really want to make your own chow mein, suit yourself.) The point is, I don't really have a purpose for this blog. 
I just like to talk. 

So since I like to talk, I'm going to spill my personal thoughts out into the world of cyber space for my own enjoyment, and HOPEFULLY for the enjoyment of others. Here's to hoping I do a little less rambling and a little more inspiring, entertaining or "do it yourself" projects. (okay that last one will never happen so you can stop crossing your fingers).

If you want to be happy, be. 
Love, May May