Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I need rehab.

I just KNOW you've all been SO incredibly worried about where I've been.
But have no fear. I was only playing Tetris.
All day.

Every spare moment I have, I'm playing Tetris.
But I bring you good tidings of great joy!
I reached the second highest level!
I only have about a week more to go before I'll be good enough for the top level... and then a week more before I MASTER the top level... so if you're planning on seeing me in the next two weeks...

I'm sorry.
I'll be playing Tetris.
It's TERRIBLY addicting.

And the music is catchy.

If you want to be happy, play Tetris.
-May May

Friday, February 17, 2012

Auntie Again.

I know I just barely posted about my love for babies...
But you can deal with it.

I. Love. Babies.

And I have two brand new ones in my life. And what's even crazier... they're both GIRLS! I've had a life full of baby boys, and now I'm surrounded by bouncing baby girls! (okay, they're not exactly bouncin. More like sleepin and poopin).

My very good friend, Shannon (who also happens to be my adopted sister, because I said so) gave birth FINALLY to her beautiful baby girl. I'm. So. Excited.
(random thought.. I think I'm dyslexic, cause I just typed the word "excited" four times before I figured out that I had the C and the X mixed up.)

Macie Mae Maughan 

She is a tiny little thing. 5 lbs 8oz at birth, and I don't think she has gotten any bigger. She's adorable and I cannot wait to play with her and watch her grow.
(Wow, I sound like a mormon mom. I promise I just... really... like... babies)

Nicholas and Macie.

Now, not to undermine the excitement of baby Macie, but... this is pretty darn exciting.

(if you recall my post from Thanksgiving about my lack of nieces... you will understand how exciting this is)
My big brother Jordan and his wife, Katie are now the parents of a seriously adorable baby girl. They chose to keep the gender a surprise, so it was super duper rad when we all found out it was a girl. Even though she seriously came into this world through a terribly horrible hollywood-esque experience, she is HERE, so big and so round and so pink and so perfect.

Leia Katherine Sebresos

Yes, just like Princess Leia on Star Wars. She's born to be a Jedi. I'm extremely envious, considering my history of desperately wanting a lightsaber at the age of 4.
(I never got the lightsaber... that's probably why I hate Christmas. Bah humbug.)
Baby Leia was born on February 9, 2012 and our WHOLE family is just so excited to have her. We have all been very baby hungry as a whole. Which means I'll never get a chance to hold her at family get-togethers.
(cough... Kami... selfish...)

I did get to hold her the other night for about two hours. Still not long enough. I love her so much, and I am so grateful to have her here.

It's been a crazy couple of weeks, and I think I'm on the verge of death. I have to post about like 500 other events that you all want to read about so badly... but I think I'll just have to make you wait.

Speaking of waiting.. I'm having a really hard time waiting for graduation to come so I can go become a nurse and take care of newborn babies on a daily basis.

I'm also waiting for The Hunger Games movie. I don't know which is harder to wait for.

Peace, Love and Babies to you all.

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A tribute.

Today it's my best friend's birthday. 
Not just any birthday.
Her 18th birthday. So now we're BOTH big grown-up girlies. I like to think back to the days when we were 13, talking about going to high school and how scary that would be. 


Our first day of high school.. we look like pros.

Now, we're finding new places to live, planning our senior trip and applying for scholarships. High school was NOTHING compared to this. 

When Jayme and I started to become best friends, we were awkward middle-schoolers with braces and too much foundation. We wore Aeropostale and American Eagle everyday. We said things like "Hey, Lovely!" and "That's so SMEXY!" 
(we were afraid to say "sexy")
We had english together with crazy Mrs. McPherron.... she taught me that she was a tree in her previous life and her husband was a squirrel that climbed her... or something poetic like that. 
Yeah, our lives were basically a joke.
Isn't every middle schooler's life a joke..?
(except for the home schooled ones....)

When we were freshmen, Jayme and I became obsessed with an album by Panic! At the Disco called
Pretty. Odd.
(it's bolded cause it literally ran our lives)
We quoted songs from that album um... probably 2,000 times a day.
If you KNOW this album, thank you. I automatically like you. 
Anywho. We branched off from our middle school friends a tad and started our "multitude". 
What the crap, right?
K, yeah.
We hung out with Greg and Lindsey pretty... much.... everyday.
We drove around in an old van.
We painted random things.
We played loud music.
We... tried to join the Jehovah's Witness. I think. Multiple times.
Yep. That was our freshman year.

As time passed, Jayme and I gained a little maturity and handled some tough situations together. I can honestly say that she was there for me when nobody else was, and probably when I didn't deserve her company. 
Jayme forgave me.
And forgave me again.
And again.
And she is still forgiving me. On a daily basis. For my stupid acts of teenager-ness. 

This is my favorite picture of Jayme, of all time.

Jayme cures my boymagnetismitis with her girlnextdooritis. 
Jayme sends me inspirational quotes and scriptures.
Jayme answers my phone calls.
She reads my mind.
She brings me cupcakes and ice cream and brownies and hot chocolate.
She cuddles with me, and she slaps me when needed.
She listens to me, cries with me and cries TO me.
She handles my crazy driving, and she doesn't kill me with her crazy driving (yet)
She plays in the snow with me, goes on walks with me and attempts cooking with me.
We laugh at our moms together.
With laugh WITH our moms together.
She is the peace, I am the kissy.
She's allergic to peanut butter, I'm allergic to grape jelly.
(haha, Jame, this just reminded me of Cute Carl... you're the fork to my spoon, the windex to my paper towel...)
she makes 47 minute long webcam videos with me. 

I just want to say, in honor of Jayme and her 18 years...

she is HONESTLY, the most 

person I know. I can say that with 100% vigor. 

If any of you don't know Jayme, you should GET to know her.
(unless you're a creepy man with a mustache and a cigar)
Everyone loves Jayme.
Including me.

I know I'm not always the best friend to her, because I'm psycho and busy and confused and  boy-involved and bossy and jealous and all those disgusting adjectives...

but she is ALWAYS there for me. 

Peace and Kissing for life, yo.

Now, we listen to Taylor Swift, we go for drives, we dance and sing, we eat hardly anything, we talk about the future, we plan, we date, we make lists, we share toothbrushes and we look at vintage cars on the internet. 

And we're still the bestest friends ever :)

Thank you, Jayme, for being a person that has ONLY influenced my life for good.
I muchly love you. 

Love, Mare. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby love.

I think I'm done being dead.
These last two weeks have been the busiest of my life. They were called the weeks of homework and rehearsals and college application and worst of all...
My stupid tummy.
I hate my stupid tummy. Just putting it out there. I think I'm gonna sell it on the black market and see if I can get a decent amount of money for it. Cause honestly. I REALLY want the Sims 3 right now...

The good news is. I don't have a blood clot, a tumor or a baby in my tummy. The bad news is...

NO more happiness.

No milk.
No cheese.
No yogurt.
No ice cream. 

And in case you don't know me, you know that the end of cheese and milk and ice cream is literally the end of my life. CHOCOLATE MILK IS MY LIFE! Although, I think I may just have to sacrifice the life of my tummy for my love of chocolate milk. Cause seriously? Oh, and if you didn't already know this, I'm allergic to chocolate, so literally the only time I ever got to taste chocolate was when I was eating chocolate flavored ice cream or chocolate flavored MILK.

I think I will crawl into a hole with some Doritos right now and die a painful death full... well NOT full of chocolate milk.
Dag nabbit. 

Allergies suck. They are literally the worst. Ask my two best friends. They would know. 

Am I boring you? Sorry.

Well let's address a much better topic. The birth of Shannon's new baby girl! 
(who... is yet to have a name...)

Literally she is the cutest tiniest baby I have ever seen, and I'm REALLY in the mood to just have a newborn baby in my arms. Hopefully I will be doing that soon, when I go back to the hospital to pay a visit to my new niece-ish. 

Here's what I love about babies:

They are pink.
They have really rapid hearts.
They snuggle.
They smell nice.
They have soft hair.
When they purse their lips.
When their mouths make the 'O' shape. 
You can dress them in whatever you want and they ALWAYS look cute.
They only eat milk, therefore they only poop milk and puke milk and smell like milk.
When their diapers are half their body size.
Their eyes are always so glossy and bright.
Their eyebrows are white.
They make little baby noises.
They just don't know what's going on.
All of our big-people body parts are itty bitty and squished to be their little-people body parts.
Their wrinkly feet.
They are here straight from heaven.

There is NOTHING not to love about babies. 
I think I can literally say I love babies more than anything else in this entire world and I am highly offended by Justin Bieber's blasphoumous use of the word "baby"! Should I sue him?

Ps. I know a guy who sued YouTube because he thought that all of the videos were about him....


Have a nice day, everyone and here's to hoping everyone gets pregnant and has a baby! 
(actually that was a really foolish wish indeed)

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May