Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby love.

I think I'm done being dead.
These last two weeks have been the busiest of my life. They were called the weeks of homework and rehearsals and college application and worst of all...
My stupid tummy.
I hate my stupid tummy. Just putting it out there. I think I'm gonna sell it on the black market and see if I can get a decent amount of money for it. Cause honestly. I REALLY want the Sims 3 right now...

The good news is. I don't have a blood clot, a tumor or a baby in my tummy. The bad news is...

NO more happiness.

No milk.
No cheese.
No yogurt.
No ice cream. 

And in case you don't know me, you know that the end of cheese and milk and ice cream is literally the end of my life. CHOCOLATE MILK IS MY LIFE! Although, I think I may just have to sacrifice the life of my tummy for my love of chocolate milk. Cause seriously? Oh, and if you didn't already know this, I'm allergic to chocolate, so literally the only time I ever got to taste chocolate was when I was eating chocolate flavored ice cream or chocolate flavored MILK.

I think I will crawl into a hole with some Doritos right now and die a painful death full... well NOT full of chocolate milk.
Dag nabbit. 

Allergies suck. They are literally the worst. Ask my two best friends. They would know. 

Am I boring you? Sorry.

Well let's address a much better topic. The birth of Shannon's new baby girl! 
(who... is yet to have a name...)

Literally she is the cutest tiniest baby I have ever seen, and I'm REALLY in the mood to just have a newborn baby in my arms. Hopefully I will be doing that soon, when I go back to the hospital to pay a visit to my new niece-ish. 

Here's what I love about babies:

They are pink.
They have really rapid hearts.
They snuggle.
They smell nice.
They have soft hair.
When they purse their lips.
When their mouths make the 'O' shape. 
You can dress them in whatever you want and they ALWAYS look cute.
They only eat milk, therefore they only poop milk and puke milk and smell like milk.
When their diapers are half their body size.
Their eyes are always so glossy and bright.
Their eyebrows are white.
They make little baby noises.
They just don't know what's going on.
All of our big-people body parts are itty bitty and squished to be their little-people body parts.
Their wrinkly feet.
They are here straight from heaven.

There is NOTHING not to love about babies. 
I think I can literally say I love babies more than anything else in this entire world and I am highly offended by Justin Bieber's blasphoumous use of the word "baby"! Should I sue him?

Ps. I know a guy who sued YouTube because he thought that all of the videos were about him....


Have a nice day, everyone and here's to hoping everyone gets pregnant and has a baby! 
(actually that was a really foolish wish indeed)

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 

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