Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I need rehab.

I just KNOW you've all been SO incredibly worried about where I've been.
But have no fear. I was only playing Tetris.
All day.

Every spare moment I have, I'm playing Tetris.
But I bring you good tidings of great joy!
I reached the second highest level!
I only have about a week more to go before I'll be good enough for the top level... and then a week more before I MASTER the top level... so if you're planning on seeing me in the next two weeks...

I'm sorry.
I'll be playing Tetris.
It's TERRIBLY addicting.

And the music is catchy.

If you want to be happy, play Tetris.
-May May

1 comment:

  1. Remember, Maren, it's never too late to seek help.