Wednesday, September 26, 2012


This weekend, as previously mentioned, I paid a visit to Utah.
It was a swell time.
I saw ALMOST everyone I wanted to see.
And did ALMOST everything I wanted to do.
But time was short, as it always is.

One of the fun things I was able to do while in happy valley, was go to
Chalk the Block.
Boy, was I impressed. There are some really talented people out there. 

 Of course, this was my favorite:

And this too... A-MAZING:

And then there's MY chalk artwork, that I'm so good at...
YES, this is me. Can't you tell?

Okay, okay. You're right. Wrong hair color. 
You've got me there. 

Chalk the Block is (I think) still going on in Provo at the Riverwoods.

Unless it rained.

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

College smells like coffee.

Those who know me, know I have three very unfortunate allergies. 
Well, two very unfortunate.
One, I'm indifferent to.
Chocolate, Food dye, and Coffee. 
(there's a WHOLE lotta other stuff I can't eat, but not necessarily allergic to)

So, here I am, trying to be a good lil' human being and go to college like I should.
And we all know, that when you start college it is of course
time for a makeover.
So I dyed my hair BROWN.
Those of you know who me as a blonde... all I have to say is times are a-changin'.
Actually, not really. I decided I hate brown hair so I won't be brunette for long.

WHOA. Too dark? I think so too.
This is my BFF Jayme and I, the day we said "So Long" and went away to college. 
I hate college.

Which gets me back to where I was trying to go with this post.
In my attempt to get a makeover for college, I also changed my skincare. 
I usually use Cetaphil. It's a simple skin cleanser with nothing fancy in it. I usually LOVE this stuff, but found it was drying out my face in Nevada.
(that's where I live now. surprise.)
So I actually decided to try something that was recommended to me by a friend. She recommended 
Acne Free
Which is basically Proactiv, but cheaper. 
But the last time I used that product, my face got really irritated and it just didn't do it for me, folks. 
So I decided to try again, but this time... I got the sensitive version.
Mmm Mmm.

It looks like this, you can buy it at Target, and
It works.
I've been blessed with relatively clear skin, never had a serious problem.
So this stuff is excellent if you are trying to maintain your clear skin. I love it. 
And it's nice to me and my pitiful face that turns red every time I try anything new :) 

So here I am: clear skin, new hair, some new clothes and new mascara.
I get to college, ready to conquer the world and attract all the gentlemen folk,
(oh JUST KIDDING, people. Calm down, seriously.)
And all of a sudden, about two weeks into college, I notice that I'm getting a really bad rash all over my body.

So this has been going on for a few weeks now, and everyday I'd go to school, it just seemed to get worse.
Now, this weekend I went home to Utah, and I noticed it got BETTER.
Curiouser and curiouser...
I'm like Sherlock Holmes. 
Maren and the case of the mysterious body rash...
it's gonna be a hit.

After much consideration, questioning, and of course, the scientific method,
I have uncovered the culprit.
It's the coffee shop in the commons of my school.
I pass it everyday, eat stuff from it, and study near it. 
When I DON'T sit next to the coffee shop, my itchiness goes away.
Well would ya look at that.

Thanks, college for NOT considering that some of your students could be going through a serious fashion crisis over here because of your STUPID COFFEE SHOP! 
And to think, I recently applied for a job there...
silly mua. 

This post had no purpose.
Too much information, maybe?
Have a lovely evening. 

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Guess what I did on May 24th.

Hello, long lost fellow human beings.
The last time I posted on this ridiculous blog of mine was in March of this year.
Now it is September. Not the worst length of time... but still, I could do better.

In my last post I shared my complete adoration for portraying a skeleton in the spring play at Provo High School. Well I'll tell you one thing, folks! Times are-a-changin' cause guess who's no longer a Provo High student! 
That's right.
Little Miss May, here. 
The long-anticipated and much dreamed-about day of Graduation has come and gone, and boy was it totally and completely
(is there supposed to be a hyphen in there?)

I'll tell you another thing, folks. Growin' up is hard to do.
HARD. to do.
And so incredibly

Anyhow. Graduation day was kind of a blur, and all I have to remember it are the poor-quality photos taken on various cell phones in the dark.
(since some dimwit decided to hold our ceremony in the evening, resulting in poopy photographs thereafter)

The evening started with the traditional family dinner at Osaka in old Provo. This is the only decent photo retrieved from that event, but Momma looks pretty :) 

The actual ceremony was boring beyond belief. You think I would've found enjoyment in my own graduation ceremony? Well, no offense, Band members, but when you play twice, one has the tendency to stare off into space and wish for immediate death. 
Walking across the stage was a little intimidating, and you'd think my years on stage would have prepared me for those 30 seconds of fame, but no, sir. I was terrified until the moment I sat down. 
(my baby picture was pretty cute though, if I do say so myself)

Classic baby Mare.

When we turned our tassels over, I noticed my adorable friend/mother MaryKate was getting a little emotional, and I realized how much I simply adore her. So she can forever feel honored that during my one and only moment of tassle-turning, I was thinking of her.

Anyways. I graduated. Woop-di-doo. 
I was gonna share some witty story about something funny that happened at graduation, but guess what. There were none. 

The traditional "WOW I GRADUATED" pose with the diploma. 
But really, folks. It quite honestly is a miracle that I am a High School graduate. Just two weeks before graduation, I was so rudely informed by my intelligent school counselor that I had
1 year
of electives left to do.
Just one year. Well I resolved that issue by giving up my four free periods to TA for my drama teacher.  
And THAT was the difference between me being smart enough to earn a high school diploma or not.

I hope my best friends won't be offended by me saying this, but it was quite frankly a miracle that all three of us were able to graduate. Jayme and Maddie both had their fair share of high school mishaps leading to an almost tragic ending. Yet, we were all so charming that they simply could not allow us to miss out on this much-needed life experience.

Me with the Parentals. Don't they look dashing.

And of course, Wesley and I bein' romantic or something.
'Cept, don't worry. It was a very sibling-ish kiss on the cheek. I assure you.
And PS. He is long gone to Houston, Texas on a mission. 
Miss him.

I will say this.
My four years at Provo High School will forever be dearly cherished in my memory.
I'm serious.
In my four years there, I developed some talents, skills and experiences that I would not have been able to develop anywhere else. I had some phenomenal teachers who taught me phenomenal things.
And of course, I owe a great deal of my high school enjoyment to the Provo High Drama Department. It was the greatest cause of stress in my life, but also the best cause of excitement and growth.
So, thanks :)

Seems like just yesterday I was eating a banana creamy outside on Freshman orientation day. The school seemed so big and scary and unmanageable then. But it was nothing compared to 
which you will read about at a future date. Cause college is actually big and scary and unmanageable.

Go Bulldog class of 2012!

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May