Sunday, February 5, 2012

A tribute.

Today it's my best friend's birthday. 
Not just any birthday.
Her 18th birthday. So now we're BOTH big grown-up girlies. I like to think back to the days when we were 13, talking about going to high school and how scary that would be. 


Our first day of high school.. we look like pros.

Now, we're finding new places to live, planning our senior trip and applying for scholarships. High school was NOTHING compared to this. 

When Jayme and I started to become best friends, we were awkward middle-schoolers with braces and too much foundation. We wore Aeropostale and American Eagle everyday. We said things like "Hey, Lovely!" and "That's so SMEXY!" 
(we were afraid to say "sexy")
We had english together with crazy Mrs. McPherron.... she taught me that she was a tree in her previous life and her husband was a squirrel that climbed her... or something poetic like that. 
Yeah, our lives were basically a joke.
Isn't every middle schooler's life a joke..?
(except for the home schooled ones....)

When we were freshmen, Jayme and I became obsessed with an album by Panic! At the Disco called
Pretty. Odd.
(it's bolded cause it literally ran our lives)
We quoted songs from that album um... probably 2,000 times a day.
If you KNOW this album, thank you. I automatically like you. 
Anywho. We branched off from our middle school friends a tad and started our "multitude". 
What the crap, right?
K, yeah.
We hung out with Greg and Lindsey pretty... much.... everyday.
We drove around in an old van.
We painted random things.
We played loud music.
We... tried to join the Jehovah's Witness. I think. Multiple times.
Yep. That was our freshman year.

As time passed, Jayme and I gained a little maturity and handled some tough situations together. I can honestly say that she was there for me when nobody else was, and probably when I didn't deserve her company. 
Jayme forgave me.
And forgave me again.
And again.
And she is still forgiving me. On a daily basis. For my stupid acts of teenager-ness. 

This is my favorite picture of Jayme, of all time.

Jayme cures my boymagnetismitis with her girlnextdooritis. 
Jayme sends me inspirational quotes and scriptures.
Jayme answers my phone calls.
She reads my mind.
She brings me cupcakes and ice cream and brownies and hot chocolate.
She cuddles with me, and she slaps me when needed.
She listens to me, cries with me and cries TO me.
She handles my crazy driving, and she doesn't kill me with her crazy driving (yet)
She plays in the snow with me, goes on walks with me and attempts cooking with me.
We laugh at our moms together.
With laugh WITH our moms together.
She is the peace, I am the kissy.
She's allergic to peanut butter, I'm allergic to grape jelly.
(haha, Jame, this just reminded me of Cute Carl... you're the fork to my spoon, the windex to my paper towel...)
she makes 47 minute long webcam videos with me. 

I just want to say, in honor of Jayme and her 18 years...

she is HONESTLY, the most 

person I know. I can say that with 100% vigor. 

If any of you don't know Jayme, you should GET to know her.
(unless you're a creepy man with a mustache and a cigar)
Everyone loves Jayme.
Including me.

I know I'm not always the best friend to her, because I'm psycho and busy and confused and  boy-involved and bossy and jealous and all those disgusting adjectives...

but she is ALWAYS there for me. 

Peace and Kissing for life, yo.

Now, we listen to Taylor Swift, we go for drives, we dance and sing, we eat hardly anything, we talk about the future, we plan, we date, we make lists, we share toothbrushes and we look at vintage cars on the internet. 

And we're still the bestest friends ever :)

Thank you, Jayme, for being a person that has ONLY influenced my life for good.
I muchly love you. 

Love, Mare. 

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  1. I love you so so so so much Mare! I really, really, want to read that again because I loved it so much but I know I'll cry. And I need to go to bed. I am so incredibly glad you're my best friend. PLEEEEASE be my best friend forever. PLEEEEASE do my make up for my wedding and PLEEEEASE deliver my babies and please please PLEEEE-EEEE-EEEEASE make quesadillas and give a eulogy at my funeral. I love and need you forever. You're my bess fren. Thanks so much for that sweet post. I laughed out loud at the whipped cream mustache picture. Love you love you love you.