Friday, March 16, 2012


Hi, people. I'm just here to tell you about my life as a skeleton.
(Or SKELLY, as Maddie and I call it)
It's a wonderful life full of morph suits, dancing and excessive make up.

Good thing that life is over. 

This is me. I look like Lady Gaga.


It was pretty dang fun standing on a stool wearing a morph suit while someone painted a skeleton on my body. Actually, it was extremely cold and I felt miserable, NOT to mention the paint seeped through the morph suits, hence staining my favorite undies AND (gasp) Beatles shirt. And then it all became just PEACHY, when I put a hospital gown over my morph suit and pretended to have lung cancer.
Is all this making sense to you?
Me either.
I think my excessive coughing on stage is what ruined my voice. I JUST realized that.... I'm like a detective.

Well... good thing ya'll didn't come see Transfiguration. And if you did, will you fill me in on what it was about? Cause I STILL don't understand.

Okay okay, JK JK.
It was a good show...
For the most part...
Well, sorta.

I will say this. It was my LAST show at Provo High. Ever.
That's weird, ain't it?
Should I be happy or sad?

Am I just really moody today?

Thank you, Provo High drama for making my life... SO much better.

The end.

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 

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