Saturday, December 24, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a Christmas with absolutely no Snow whatsoever.

Don't you love Christmas break?
The snow.
The ice.
The freezing temperatures.
There's just one thing missing. Oh yeah.

This is me on the day after Christmas. Hard to believe, ain't it?
 "It's like lookin' in a mirror, AIN'T IT, ___!!"
That was for you, Bro Bro.

Anyways. While you were all here, freezing your bums off, scraping ice off your cars and getting whiter and whiter...
I was at the beach
Getting tanner and tanner...

While you were all building little depressed gnomes in the snow (what..?) I was drawing pictures of my best friend, Wesley, in the sand.

While you were all laying around on saggy couches drinking chocolate milk (which is what I usually do), I was dancing on the beach.
Or more like posing on the beach... Wess did crazy jumps and whatever.

 While you were all sitting on a fat man's knee, telling him what you wish you got for Christmas cause he's STILL at the mall the day after Christmas (seriously... what is UP with that?),
I was just chilling with Tinkerbell.

And being in Di'neyland.

And riding Splash Mountain literally nine times (and other assortments of rides that make my face do ugly things)

Oh, and here's my little shout out to Caden Elwood who miraculously ran into us at Di'neyland! It was a party. We tricked the Space Mountain worker into letting him ride Fast Pass with us. Okay, and just saying... if you haven't learned how to rig the Fast Pass system yet, give me a call. Me 'n Wesley got it all under control. 
Another highlight of the trip that I skipped, was our ten million mile bike ride. It was brutal. We rode from our friends' house down to Huntington Beach, than continued all the way down to Newport Beach. It was so much fun! We felt all cool and fit and we looked like "natives"... and then we realized we had to ride back. I think I was crying.
But my corndog was yummy :)

Oh, and this is my best friend. He was just a darling little princess in Di'neyland. 

I will say this: Don't go to Di'neyland over Christmas break when it is 75 degrees outside. Everyone in the world goes to Di'neyland that same exact day. And it's REALLY unfortunate when the line for Peter Pan never gets shorter than 60 minutes.
Don't worry... we waited :)
Well here's to white Christmas's for all of you and a bright sunshiny one for me.

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May

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