Thursday, December 22, 2011

Life Lately

Hi, folks. Here's an overview of my last two weeks:

I organized (with help) the Children of Eden Cast Party! It was a splendid time with lots of food, friends and memories. We gave out awards, and thanks to my loss of memory I found myself scrounging through the dollar store fifteen minutes before the party trying to find a blasted BEST HANDSTAND award item.  I ended up getting a "Look!" candy bar. Cause I mean, when you see someone doing a handstand you OBVIOUSLY point at them and say "Look!"
It works. Shh.
Ari and I won the Most Likely Couple award. Surprise, surprise.
Melissa also made us those adorable cookies :) doesn't it look just like us?? 

My family had our annual Nativity Family Home Evening. It was... just so... special. 
(as you can see, our nativity was SO peaceful that the best picture I got was completely NOT blurry in any way shape or form.... note sarcasm)
I really DO love the Nativity that we do every year. I'm generally put in charge of costumes and lining up the children for the big show. There's always the arguments over who gets to be what, who gets the staff, who gets to hold the treasure chest.... I generally handle the chaos by curling up in a ball under my bed and waiting for the kids to fight it out- pit bull style. 
Isa always plays Mary, though. As you can see she is the only girl in the midst. And I think this was Isaac's second debut as baby Jesus. He deserved an Oscar- he crawled ALL over his new treasures, just like one-day-old infant. How precious :)

December 13th was a special day. Taylor Swift's birthday. EEEE!! (that's me squealing). She turned 22. But she's really 15 inside. You may refer to my "Teeny Boppers" post to better understand my ridiculous adoration for Taylor Swift. We celebrated by making her a cake :) We thought of packaging it all up and sending it to her, but figured that could get nasty. So instead we did a little birthday exercise called EVERY TIME YOU EAT A PIECE OF CAKE, YOU SAY 3 THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT TAYLOR SWIFT. Ya, that's what it was called. We even made the two little Benson boys do it. I think they liked her hair and... her skin? My three favorites were:
1. Even though she has a way awkward body, she still pulls it off
2. Her music doesn't have a genre- her songs are just SONGS, whatever type of genre she flipping wants them to be!
3. Her songs make me feel like someone else understands what I'm going through.
(ya know... all my many boy problems that are SO! HARD! ha.) 

Umm.. we found a Yoga Cats calendar.

I went bowling :) We've been doing it in PE, and I've actually decided I like bowling. My 1 strike has made me very, very proud. I've also decided that one of these days I'm going to ask Fat Cats if I can buy a pair of bowling shoes. Seriously, I think they are SO CUTE. I would wear them everyday. Call me crazy. 

I joined HOSA (Health Occupations.... something... club) It's been very rewarding since the one meeting I've gone to. We had a HOSA Christmas party at Pizza Pie Cafe, and exchanged gifts. Here is Jayme, Anna and I SO excited to open our presents. Oddly enough, Jayme had my gift and she made me our new TAYLOR SWIFT themed notebook :) Enough about Taylor Swift? Fine.

Lastly, I went to the Christmas Dance with my favoritist little brother/best friend Hunter Bouchard! We had a blast. (And he looked super studly in his sweater) We went bowling, ate pizza, watched a movie... oh and we forgot to go to the dance! oops. The dance was Hunter's gift to me this year, and it was a very good gift, if I do say so myself. He even bought me some socks at the bowling alley :)
(Notice: Since I've been bowling in PE, I was able to perform super well on our date. He was impressed with my gutter balls) We took our pictures next to the trees at BYU. I'm pretty sure the zoobies were annoyed with my high-pitched voice and my awful piano skills. Oh well.

It's been a busy two weeks, but very rewarding! I just want to say that I am very grateful for my wonderful friends and family. Seriously, guys. I love you all very much.
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If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 

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