Thursday, December 1, 2011

A train of thought.

For starters, I'd like to say that I have the best big sister in the world.
My sister Kami...

...Is beautiful (and I know she's reading this..)

But really. She has the beauty of the family...
AND she is also succeeding, currently, at my chosen profession. I'm very jealous of her, but I'm also grateful that she has done everything I'm ABOUT to do in the next four years because she can give me a little piggy back ride through it all. 
(That was a run-on sentence)

That is reason #1 why I am grateful for her nursing abilities. 
Reason #2 is that she is able to discern her children's illnesses. AKA she is a super bomb mommy. 
Now here's a little tidbit of bad news. My two adorable nephews (previously mentioned in a post) are sick.
(that is a disgusting word)

Dante is doing okay and will probably be receptive to the medication. However, DJ is not doing too swell. In fact, he may be hospitalized tomorrow if his lungs don't clear up. I'm sad about this, but I know they will be fine thanks to my big sista's super skills. 

I mean.. Look at those faces! 
Don't you want them well? I want them well. So if you would like to do so, please add their adorable little names and faces to your prayers. Thanks :)

Today was a very... tiring day. I was up literally until very late on the telephone with my sister and my mother. We were having a three-way phone call (my mom was in the other room). I love them.
We talked about my childhood, Kami's childhood and Isabela's childhood. They were all actually very similar. We all shared similar characteristics.
Crazy Hair.
Dramatic monologues over nothing.
Singing and dancing all the dang time.
And asking lots of questions.

Glad to see my charming characteristics are being passed along for the world to see... :) 

I'm also very excited because I'm passing my specialist dollies along to my niece for Christmas this year. I don't know if any of you had American Girl Dolls growing up, but I suggest going back in time and getting one if at all possible. They're very cute. We decided that my dolls will be passed from generation to generation.
(That's a lot better than a future called SAVERS)
Oh... and speaking of Christmas...



(can you tell I'm excited??) 

And guess who I'm going to Di'neyland with!



Just kidding. I'm going with my bestestestestestestestestestestestest friend, the one, the only....

(Don't worry, he's just as good as Ryan Reynolds. In a different sort of way.)

That's the day Wesley almost grew up :)
I will post more about Wesley and his eyebrows later. But for now, just be envious of my wonderful after-christmas holiday. It's really just what I need to get over my annual after-christmas depression. Cause what's the only thing better than Christmas?

Well I guess since I'm on the topic of random announcements...
I'll announce that I got runner-up for Drama sterling scholar at my school! I was runner-up to my other bestestestest friend, Maddie. (She's the ginger one)
So if you see her, tell her congrats. 
("Do it or I kill you")

Peace, love and pneumonia vaccines to you all. 

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 

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  1. Wow! what a nice shout out to ME! luckily the boys are doing better...and I'm so glad you're going with Wesley and not Ryan Reynolds, Ryan's eyes are too close together. Wesley has great eyes.