Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Di'neyland, Tinka-bell and Turkey Legs.

The last two times I've been to Di'neyland, I've been with a group of obnoxious, hilarious and loud teenagers called Acting Up.
(I'll have to elaborate on those teenagers another day...)
Anyhow. The only thing you need to know about them for right now, is how they do things in Di'neyland. We basically have a day and a half to indulge in our Di'ney cravings, eat churros and completely satisfy ourselves enough that we can fly home and last another year until our next Di'neyland visit. And it's REALLY HARD to do so in such a short amount of time.
Instead of "wasting our time" on the kiddie rides and the character visits, we tend to jump to the really important things. You know.
Space Mountain
Indiana Jones
World of Color

Although these things are fantastic, we always tend to miss the classic favorites. 
Peter Pan
Pixie Hollow

There was one time, however, when an Acting Up group I was in did, in fact, indulge in this: 

  Snow White's Scary Adventures

 Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
(which I must say... you die and go to H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS in this ride. Not very kid friendly if you ask me.)  

Now, these "smaller" attractions really were a mistake. You should see what we looked like after them...

OH-HO-HO. Maybe you shouldn't have seen that. I sincerely apologize. But let me just say, those rides are legitimately SCARY. Do NOT take your children on them. They WILL cry. Or have other serious side-effects. After all, this was the night that:
A) Thad had a literal tantrum because we couldn't ride Thunder Mountain.
B) Maddie and Alec had... Romance.
C) My cookie broke and I literally BAWLED about it all the way home. 


After all these visits filled with restriction and no Tinkerbell, Peter Pan or Dumbo... it was time for an intervention. This intervention was called:
Jayme and Maren go to Di'neyland and ride everything they want to ride without restrictions, while Maren's mommy buys them churros and Tinkerbell plush dolls. 
Anyways. We did JUST that. And it was the time of my life. 

With Mama on the Di'ney train that we NEVER ride

Di'neyland was all halloweeny

We took a castle picture

We ate those ridiculous turkey legs that cost a fortune 
(they aren't even turkey flavored)
 We met Mulan. That never happens.

 And Ariel.

And Tinkerbell.
 And Belle.

 Pluto attacked me. My life-long wish. 

We also went to the beach.

 And we jumped off of stuff.

 I love these two women.

ANYHOW. It was literally a perfect trip. We rode EVERYTHING we wanted to ride. We met more than ten characters, and I even ate one of those Mickey Mouse ice cream bars.

The only downfall was our car breakdown when we were getting off the Las Vegas freeway.
YEP, me and Jayme pushed my mother's car off of a freeway exit in LAS VEGAS, down a busy road and into a deserted neighborhood... then we waited for a couple in their fifties to help us. MIRACLE THOUGH: They happened to have the same phone as me, therefore a phone charger that I could use. I think the couple was just a tad 'tipsy' though, if ya catch my drift. The wife "Loved Marmons" and she hugged me... a lot.

Once my daddy came to the rescue and took us safely home, we continued on our way in our new-fangled RENTAL CAR (boo-ya. Everyone loves rental cars).

Well, I think this post has gone on long enough. Let me just say, though. 
I love Di'neyland.
Thank you, Walt for your genius creativity that simply makes people happy. 

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May  


  1. Um, that Tink that you posed with? could take her job any day....can't wait till you do!

  2. I know she wasn't the best.. and she had fangs!