Friday, November 25, 2011

Puppy Lovin'

 Remember that post about my busy life?
It's break time, baby. I've been having the time of my life here in Vegas doing... nothing. I mean, I do stuff. All day. And that stuff is called,
Eating Chippies.
Seeing Movies.
Cuddling with a puppy.
Eating turkey.
Playing Trivial Pursuit.
Watching episode after episode of Cake Boss.
(Seriously though.. today I slept in until THREE O' CLOCK... that's PM, people!)
I've seen two really good movies so far, and I'm seeing another tomorrow. The movie I saw today was absolutely beautiful. 
My week with Marilyn.
It really was amazing. It's the story of Marilyn Monroe while she was living in London filming her movie, The Prince and the Showgirl (or something like that) In 1965. It was seriously one of the cutest movies of all time, and being the history nut that I am, I came out of it crying.. just cause I felt like crying.
I want to live in the SIXTIES! 
I really was born in the wrong time period. Thanks, PARENTS, for being born three decades too late so therefore I was born three decades two late. (Actually I was born six decades too late if we're gonna get technical here.)
Here's my dream:
I want to be a little girl/be born in the thirties.
Experience Adolescence in the forties.
And adulthood/motherhood in the fifties.
Then I can have fun in the sixties,
And hopefully die during the seventies...
 R.I.P. 1970's.. and please.. do it PEACEFULLY so that we are never revisited by you ever again. 
(I know you're thinking "You'd only be in your forties if you died in the seventies!" But trust me. I know. I'll die of AIDS, or drug use or... get hit by a hippie van. I would much rather do that than live during the seventies.) No offense, Dad and Mom.

My week with Marilyn

 Oh. Did you think that was Marilyn Monroe? Cause it's not. It's Michelle Williams (my new fourth favorite actress). She was seriously magnificent in this movie. She played Marilyn perfectly. And she looks like her too! Absolutely stunning

 Movie also included: Favorite actress #5 Emma Watson and cute boy Eddie Redmayne.

I strongly suggest seeing this movie, or watching it on clearplay (there is one F-word, some drug use and a bum). If you are a history nut, a Marilyn Monroe fan or you wish you could pin-curl your hair and wear bright red lipstick everyday... see it :) 

I've really had such a good week so far, and I'm going MACBOOK shopping tomorrow! I'm super excited, if you can't tell. I'd also like to take a second to remind you that Christmas is right around the corner. Doesn't THAT give you butterflies?! I can't wait to listen to my Johnny Mathis Christmas album.

One of these days I'll post about something important...
but for now, here's something happy to look at!

 This is what I'VE been doing all week!

Happy Weekend!
If you want to be happy, be.
-May May

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