Sunday, November 6, 2011

I can't say no.

I'm am so tired of being tired. 
I am always tired. Always. And do you want to know why?

My schedule goes a little like this:
6:40: Press Snooze
7:30: Wake Up (late for school already)
Drink Chocolate Milk
Put on sweats and put my hair in a bun/braid/who knows what
Hop in Barbara-Ann and literally drive 20 over the speed limit
7:45: Arrive at school
Walk around school like a zombie, answering drama questions and wishing I could eat a doughnut
12:15 Skip lunch and go to my nursing class
(notice... NO FOOD so far)
2:45: Drive to rehearsal
Dance/Sing/Act around like a zombie
6:30: FINALLY eat Costa Nachos
Drive somewhere where I go to accomplish one or more of the following:
Acting Up
Drama Council
Death, even.
10:30: Arrive home
Stand in the shower like a zombie
Eat an Oreo
Start on Homework
2:00 Sleep

And it all repeats, day after day.
That's why I'm tired. 
No complaints though... if I wasn't busy, I'd look like this:

Compliments of, FATFACE app... No, I was never in this horrible state

So let's all thank the heavens that I can't say no to anyone. Ever. 
Anyways. I'd just like to use this post to express my gratitude to those who made Spook Week possible. This includes:
Everyone on Drama Council
Those who participated in the haunted house/came to the haunted house.
Those who made food for the murder mystery.
Those who came to the murder mystery.
My momma.
There are pictures of these events to come soon.

I'm also very proud to report that my grades soared from mostly C's to All A's (and one B+), in a matter of five days. Am I a psycho? I think so. 3.9 baby. Is anyone else out there a master at convincing teachers that you simply COULD NOT do the work before, so now they MUST accept all of your late homework and give you 100%? I am.

Also for brighter news, the Halloween Dance was a complete blast. I was in a super fun group, with super good FOOD, and last but not least, I had a super fun date- Ben Tueller.

We dressed up as Super Heroes! 

Clark Kent and Superman
 Some of the pumpkins

I will say this much, a busy life is a happy life. Tired or not, I enjoy all of my various activities in my life (except school. Seriously, High School... I'm so tired of your presence in my life). And I've discovered that a 17 year old girl really only needs three things to survive:
Chocolate Milk
Costa Vida
103.5 FM

Ramble ramble ramble. Okay enough said. Time to take a nap
(that's what Sunday's for)

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May 


  1. You BETTER now how to say NO to SOMETHING...or you're in trouble with ME!!

  2. I'm with Kami, I'm watching you 2011 Mare