Wednesday, November 16, 2011


It's officially FALL!
(my favorite season)
Why is it my favorite season, you ask?

Haunted Houses! I dunno if you've been to the Haunted Forest lately, but our makeshift Auditorium Haunted House was MUCH more impressive (and by impressive, I mean thrillingly frightening!)

 Pumpkin Carving! (Yes, I carved that deformed Tinkerbell...)

Okay, I know Halloween is long past, but it is SUCH a good holiday, I just have to post about it one more time. Halloween was a BLAST this year! I've never done so many "halloween-ey" things! The PHS Drama Club was in charge of a Haunted House, a Murder Mystery Dinner (which went superb, thanks to our improvisational skills) and of course, being the drama nerds that we are, we all dressed up for school. It was the first time I've walked into a high school class and 98% of the students were wearing costumes!
And of course, since you were all wondering, I dressed up as the one and only: Tinkerbell.
"Can't she be original for once in her life?!?!"
No. I can't. I will in fact pretend that I am Tinkerbell until the day I am wearing a Disneyland name tag and walking around backstage in wings and a yellow bun. And then I will continue to pretend to be Tinkerbell (and this time get paid for it- boo ya.)

Moving on.

Since I love Fall so much, I will tell you (and show you) my favorite parts of fall, that I have already experienced. I love:

Snugly homemade blankets made by Nick and Shan!

Boots and Hat.

 White Chocolate Hot Cocoa.

Hugs and Jackets.

There's just something about fall. I love that it's CALLED Fall. Because guess why? The leaves fall off the trees! What a coincidence! (However, if you want to get technical, the leaves change color in the fall, and fall in the winter.. and whatever the heck WINTER means, I don't have a clue. No one likes Winter anyways.)

I think the season of Winter should be called the season of Christmas. Has anyone noticed... Winter is really fun and exciting during December 1st thru the 25th, but as soon as the 26th hits, everyone is "So sick of this snow and slush". It's because we have a remedy to the freezing temperatures and the slipping vehicles during December. It's called CHRISTMAS. So, my theory is, if WINTER was changed to the word CHRISTMAS, the whole season of Winter (i.e. December-February) would be MUCH more enjoyable.

Phew. Sorry for that tangent.
The point is. I love Fall. It's a wonderful LOOKING, SMELLING, TASTING, and FEELING season.

And by the way. Maddie is living with me currently while her mom parties in Cabo. I guess she doesn't like Fall.

This is what we do when we are sisters.

Oh, and a little reminder:
COME SEE CHILDREN OF EDEN! There are two more performances!
Friday Nov.18 and Saturday Nov.19
7:00 PM
Provo High School Auditorium

Peas and Thank you.

If you want to be happy, be.
-May May

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